Japanese Knotweed – Elixir of Youth?

Japanese Knotweed is native to China, Korea, and Japan, but it can also be found in parts of Europe and America. It is an excellent source of Resveratrol. In fact, Japanese Knotweed has long been used for centuries to cure maladies in China.

Many of the companies that manufacturer resveratrol supplements use Japanese Knotweed rather than grapes because it is available all year long. It means they can produce the supplement all year round without worry about their supply becoming depleted. We should mention Japanese Knotweed is also much cheaper than red grapes.

Japanese Knotweed has been used for centuries by eastern medicines in treating and curing heart and liver ailments. It has also long been used to relieve arthritis pain, women’s health, liver disease, and the list goes on. Knotweed is not new to the world of herbal medicine.

Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that is able to slow down the aging process and even reverse signs of aging. It is also powerful in reducing the incidence of diseases related to age such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and alzheimers. And yes, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles too.

Resveratrol has become quite the buzz; in fact, it’s being referred to as the elixir or youth. Not surprising since it can make you look and feel younger inside and out. That is because as an antioxidant it does such a great job of removing the free radicals from the body that wreak havoc by damaging cells, and cause you to age.

Until just recently research had only been conducted in mice, but recently human studies have begun. While it will take some time to prove what so many already know, what these studies do is open the doors for the drug companies to create a chemical version of resveratrol, which they hope to have to market in the next ten years.

Scientists believe that with the resveratrol pill that will likely be released in the next 10 years we will likely be able to live to 100 in good health and without many of the ailments we face today.

There is really no reason to wait, because you can purchase natural resveratrol supplements as well as anti aging skin care products that contain resveratrol already. Many have been using them for some time and swear by the benefits they have experienced.

You will want to try it for yourself and see what the results are. What you do need to do is be patient. Changes do take some time to happen, but soon you will look and feel younger.

So while the scientists are busy confirming what so many already, many more will begin to enjoy the benefits of resveratrol today rather than a decade or so from now.

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The video below gives hope to all of us Gardeners and Property Developers who are being held hostage right now to this merciless destroyer of homes and gardens – The Japanese Knot Weed – AARRGGHH!!


Japanese Knot Weed and The UK Local Councils

It would appear that although there is strict legislation in place throughout the UK regarding what you can or can’t do with Japanese knot weed, as far as the local council authorities go, they have a separate criteria.

As usual, it’s one rule for them and another for the rest of us. Because if you do an image search referencing “Japanese Knot Weed” the majority of images are showing overwhelmingly that the stuff is more prevalent on council managed property than privately owned land.

In my own area, as mentioned earlier in this blog, I have a friend who has a strip of council owned land separating his house from his neighbours. The council were informed more than a year ago but absolutely nothing has been done. It’s been left to my friend and his neighbour to control it and stop it creeping into their own gardens.

The problem is, what if either try to sell their properties? Would the mortgage company say “No, sorry folks, no can do”? I would presume that they might be entitled to considering the close proximity. So the next question would be, are the council liable to pay these two householders compensation because of their own neglect of duty in ridding the council land of the Japanese Knot Weed?

I would be interested to hear any views on that subject please. Not only to help my friend understand his position, but also to help anyone else reading this post who happens to be in the same predicament, and there must be thousands up and down the country.

Please leave your comment below and pass this post on to other concerned friends or relatives.

Cheers, Pete.

Japanese KnotWeed – The Solution??

Japanese Knot Weed is now so invasive that there isn’t a single six mile square area in the UK where it’s not found – (except the Orkney Isles – for now).

It started it’s destructive occupation of the British countryside in the mid-19th century after being brought over from Japan as an ornamental garden plant.

The Japanese Knot Weed grows very well in poor, rocky soils on the slopes of volcanoes in Japan and it’s now immune to almost all natural pests and diseases, especially in the UK. It has become highly successful here and is capable of regenerating from just a tiny fragment and cutting it back often makes it grow back thicker.

Bringing in insects or bugs like the Alphalara Itadori looks on the face of it a good idea, but again, we’re introducing yet another alien species to our countryside. Haven’t we learnt the lesson of the disappearing 7-spot ladybird that’s getting eaten up and destroyed by the very aggressive ‘Harlequin Ladybird’ and our eco-system is much the worse off because of this nasty little beetle.

Quote: – “A new ladybird has arrived in Britain. But not just any ladybird: this is the harlequin ladybird, ‘Harmonia Axyridis’, the most invasive ladybird on Earth”.

Sounds scary right? So it should, as they love to breed in the cavity areas of your bedroom windows and when they emerge they go into ‘attack mode’ and for some obscure reason, they go straight for your eyes. Their bite is very nasty too, it’s like being stung by a red ant and that’s not good.

Soooo … to get back to the ‘Alphalara Itadori’ – will introducing it here have nasty knock-on side effects? Have our glorious researchers actually done their research thoroughly or are they just looking to make a name for themselves?

Personally, I believe there is always a common-sense answer to most problems staring us right in the face. Instead of waiting for the government or scientists to answer our problems (let’s face it – we’ll wait a jolly long time) why doesn’t everyone get their thinking caps on and do a bit of trial-and-error experimentation with ‘natural’ non-invasive but ‘safe’ DIY eradication. Sooner or later, a genie will pop out of the bottle and send that Japanese Knotweed right back where it belongs.

I have a friend who has a stretch of waste land between his house and his neighbours. It’s about Forty foot by Three foot, it’s owned by the local council – it’s absolutely ‘STUFFED’ with Japanese Knot Weed and the council have no interest whatsoever in doing anything about it. Strange that, when it heads the governments own ‘Must Control At All Costs’ list.

But – he’s rather glad actually because he is a very keen gardener and even keener problem solver. He’s adopted this piece of land as his very own Japanese Knot Weed eradication laboratory 🙂  He keeps it controlled so that it doesn’t get into his own garden, but he’s also experimenting with eco-friendly ways of destroying the roots. He’s actually having some success as well.

I’m trying to get him to share his results with me (and us) but he’s offering some resistance at present (though I feel I ‘will’ persuade him soon).

When he gives me the OK I’ll post his results here on this blog so that you readers can also reap the benefits from his toils and tribulations.

Catch you later,   Pete.

P.S. … Don’t forget to leave your own stories, trials & tribulations in the ‘comments’  (link above)…..  🙂

Japanese Knotweed – Is It Your Responsibility After All?

Banks – Santander, Lloyds TSB, HBOS, Cheltenham and Gloucester, Barclays and Woolwich all say they wouldn’t even lend money against a property with Japanese Knot Weed  ‘in close proximity’  to any property being used as collateral for either mortgage or re-mortgaging purposes.

If this is the case then our local councils surely DO have a duty of care for it’s community, and if the Knot weed is on ‘their’ vast swathes of property and is affecting private dwellings they should be held accountable and forced to pay any compensation due to disenfranchised property owners.

This point needs putting very clearly to ‘Your’ local council NOW! Not when a bank has refused access to their funds because of the dreaded Alien Knot weed. So come on Peep’s, write that letter, E-mail or Fax pointing out to their ‘Department For The Environment’ exactly ‘WHAT’ their duties are, because as sure as eggs is eggs they won’t volunteer their resources to deal with this problem. If your council is anything like my own they will be ducking and diving all over the place to get themselves out of the line of responsibility.

Also, if you’re reading this post because ‘You’ might feel affected by the Japanese Knot Weed, it’s also Your duty to let your friends and neighbours know as well. If not, it’s like seeing an unattended package left in a doorway but walking on by because you’re going somewhere else anyway. Yes, it could be an explosive device left by terrorists, and yes, it could explode killing and maiming many people, but you’re OK, you’re on your way home so it doesn’t affect you. Until of course you discover your sister, Mother or Brother were walking past at the exact time the device exploded.

I know this is an exaggeration of the situation but there ‘are’ similarities. The economy keeps us safe and healthy. Our homes are usually the main base for the family economy. It allows us to borrow, to live in a certain security that should hard times overtake us that we have our home which we can use as collateral to get us through, but if we let the Japanese Knot Weed get out of hand, life as we all know it at the moment could come tumbling down.

(No Exaggeration!).


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